About us

We are a group of specialists from Poland whose goal is to supply hemp products to the Polish and European market. To ensure the highest quality of products and their compliance with current market trends, we focus on continuous development of: technologies, new products. We cooperate with research teams from leading EU universities.

Our team’s many years of experience have enabled us to quickly achieve a high level of knowledge and specialization in the area of cannabinoid acquisition and marketing. We have numerous crops located in Poland. As part of our crops, we use the experience of trusted farmers.

We are aware that nowadays a healthy lifestyle and natural origin of high quality products constitute a global trend and a response to the threats present in a dynamically changing reality (environmental pollution, processed food, increasing consumption of drugs and chemicals).

This is also why our products are distinguished by high content of CBD and other cannabinoids, terpenes flavonoids. Each product is subject to thorough laboratory tests to make sure that it contains the right level of cannabinoids and meets all standards required under Polish and European law.

We care about the highest quality raw material.