We are a trusted supplier for business partners operating in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

We conduct research related to the development of hemp products:

  • introduction of own varieties,
  • new methods of acid forms extraction,
  • product development targeting cannabinoids and terpenes,

CBD and CBG tinctures

Based on cold pressing, ethanol extraction and SFE (supercritical CO2) extraction.

  • Full Spectrum,
  • Broad Spectrum,
  • Isolate.

CBD and CBG flowers

  • indoor and greenhouse production
  • EU registered hemp varieties
  • CBD – CBG level in range: 2,5% – 9%

Hemp food

  • hemp seed oils
  • hemp seeds (natural, roasted, hulled)
  • hemp proteins
  • hemp flour

Cannabis cosmetics

  • CBD lotions
  • lotions based on hemp seed oil
  • hydrolates